Brooklyn Howard Colored Orphan Asylum ?

Founded in 1868, the Brooklyn Howard Colored Orphan Asylum was an orphanage founded and run by African-Americans. Parents committed their children to the Orphan Asylum for a variety of reasons, including having a safe place for their children to stay while they went to fight during the Civil War, providing financial support for children when they could not take care of them, or simply affording proper care for children who needed guidance. Children were taught practical skills and oftentimes participated in the fundraisers to support the Colored Orphan Asylum.

My sister and her friend’s sister participated in the reframing of this memory site, standing in the same place the building once stood which is now a construction site. They stand paying homage to all the black children who were protected by the goodwill of the Brooklyn Howard Colored Orphan Asylum.

Used with Permission

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