Colored School No. 1 ?


Formerly titled African Free School No. 1 until 1850 when the Board of Education of the City of Brooklyn gained control over all public schools and changed its name, Colored School No. 1 was a school designated for black students. Following its absorption into the school system of the City of New York, and Colored School No. 1 was renamed Public School 67, the school adopted the name of Charles A. Dorsey. Charles A. Dorsey was a black man who taught at and eventually became the principal of Colored School No. 1 in 1863 by the young age of 27.

A well known member of Black Brooklyn for her parents’ maintenance of a station on the Underground Railroad, Maritcha Remond Lyons was also a teacher at Colored School No. 1 while Charles A. Dorsey was the principal.

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