Photographs in archives have been chosen to preserve moments in time. I have selected photographs that reflect sites of memory visually chronicling Black Brooklyn as they work, worship, live, attend school, chill, protest, dance, dream, and dare to remember. I sought out these images from local archives, as the contemporary material environment barely reflects significant elements from the mundane to the historically extraordinary Black Brooklyn.

The different time frames and lives of Black Brooklyn is represented by the intergenerational essence of the photo series. Simply put, the subjects of the older images and the images of Dare to Remember: A Digital Memorial of Black Brooklyn includes black people of all ages in Brooklyn. Each photograph freezes a moment, disrupting time and allowing us to concentrate the memory. Standing in the same location where the photograph was once taken with the intention of photographing the ‘Self’ and the ‘Other’ in that same space joins the memory of Black Brooklyn of the present and Black Brooklyn of the past—“to resurrect old meanings and generate new ones along with new and unforeseeable connections.”

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